“I met Vanessa during the outbreak of Covid-19. When the gyms closed, I was looking for an outdoor workout class and found Vanessa who offered outdoor boxing training which made me so excited. I had never tried boxing before and she is my first boxing trainer. Initially, I just wanted to try something new and I saw the boxers on YouTube were so cool which made me want to learn.  After taking few classes with Vanessa, I started to really enjoy boxing. It has been a very good cardio workout and not only physical exercise, but also a mental exercise by training my coordination and reflexes. Boxing with Vanessa has been such a stress relief for me in my busy life and it makes  so happy when I train with Vanessa as she is very patient and I can feel her passion! I will be continuing my sessions with her 😊 "

- Evelyn

“I love training with Vanessa because she is always 100 percent focused and never fails to motivate me with every session. Her trainings are tough but still enjoyable and exciting. As a result, I no longer feel that exercising is a burden but fun and beneficial for me. I highly recommend Vanessa if you are looking for someone who is fun, yet professional."

- Christina